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A major gift to Leukaemia UK can make a huge impact to those living with this disease and other blood cancers.

You will be supporting ground-breaking research that accelerates the development of kinder, more effective treatments for leukaemia. Our work focuses on improving and saving lives, through research, awareness and advocacy.

Leukaemia doesn’t discriminate.

It affects people of all ages – from tiny infants to beloved grandparents. More people are living longer with leukaemia. But, despite decades of progress, only half of leukaemia patients live longer than five years after their diagnosis.

At Leukaemia UK, we believe research has the power to stop leukaemia devastating lives – but more research is needed!

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What we do:

We fund innovative research to discover new, more effective life-saving treatments for leukaemia.

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We drive progress in awareness and diagnosis of leukaemia to improve survival.

We advocate that every leukaemia patient has access to the best available therapies.

A major gift will help us fund more work.

By accelerating the progress of our research, we can transform the lives of people affected by leukaemia – both today and in the future.

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Our impact

Our impact

Maximising your gift with Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax-payer, completing this Gift Aid declaration could enable Leukaemia UK to increase your gift by an additional 25%. Please note that you must have paid income tax on the amount of Gift Aid claimed in the tax year you made your donation.

Tax relief for higher rate taxpayers

If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation. For a 40% rate taxpayer, that means for every £1 you donate, you can claim back 25p in tax relief.

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Donate to one of our research projects

Project grants

Do you want to fund innovative and impactful research projects?
Find out more here.

John Goldman Fellowships:

Fund early career researchers with a passion for science. They are developing new ideas and translating scientific advances into clinical practice.
Learn more about our Fellows.

MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowships:

Fund junior clinicians who are adding a research element to their skills with the aim to become future clinician scientists.
Read more about the projects.

Applied Research Awards:

Fund clinicians, nurses, or Allied Health Professionals to carry out patient-focussed research.

LUK Leapfrog Award:

Fund ideas and projects (‘blue sky thinking’) that could make a difference to survival, treatment, and care for all leukaemia patients. These focus on a short time frame and ‘leapfrog’ over research barriers to make a difference as soon as possible.

To support one of our research projects –

Please contact our Philanthropy team via email

Leukaemia UK funded scientist develops new cancer drug

Join our LUK Major Donor Club!

With a £5,000 a year donation, you can join our LUK Major Donor Club and receive special recognition in result of your support:

  • Reports: You will receive regular updates on our work in the form of news and reports.
  • Recognition Wall: Upon your consent, we will list your name on our website’s Major Donors Club Recognition Wall for 1 year. We will also thank you personally on via social media posts.
  • Special certificate of membership.

In addition, and depending on the level of your support, we will be happy to offer you:

  • Invitation to exclusive scientific events. We will invite you to exclusive events such as our annual Science Seminar where you’ll have the opportunity to meet our researchers.
  • Priority access to some of our challenge events such as the London Marathon.
  • Who’s Cooking Dinner?: You’ll receive a free table for 20 guests at our prestigious Who’s Cooking Dinner? event where you will enjoy a dinner cooked for you by one of our celebrity chefs.
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We will work collaboratively with you including offering guidance to ensure your investment matches your interests/priorities.

To become a Leukaemia UK Major Donor, support one of our vital research projects, make a donation or just simply know more about our work and how you can support please email us at or call 0207 2990722