Demand better for those with leukaemia

We are asking the next government to save and improve more lives affected by leukaemia. Help change the future for people like Jake, and thousands of others who are living with a blood cancer diagnosis by signing our open letter.

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In the run-up to an election, political parties are developing their plans and policies they will commit to if they form the next government. It’s more important than ever to make sure that our politicians hear from us. Now, it’s our time to come together. Will you ask the next government to do everything in their power to stop leukaemia from devastating lives?

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What we are calling for

We are asking the next government to publish a cancer strategy within its first year to save and improve the lives of those affected by leukaemia. These are the four priorities we set out for a cancer strategy that meets the needs of those with leukaemia.

Priority 1

Investment in cutting-edge leukaemia research to benefit all patients

Priority 2

Improvements in early diagnosis of leukaemia

Priority 3

Access to kinder, more effective treatment and care for all leukaemia patients

Priority 4

Publication of more and better health data and clinical audits to improve quality of diagnosis, treatment and care of leukaemia

Jake’s story

Jake was only 13 when he caught a cold that he just couldn’t get rid of. It turned out to be the start of three months of strange symptoms, which led to his AML diagnosis. Jake believes the government must do more to help people affected by leukaemia.

If I relapse again there are no more treatments they can give me. People like me, who can’t handle any more intensive therapy, need new, less harmful, more effective treatments. They could well save the lives of many people. Join me in signing Leukaemia UK’s open letter.

Jake Andrade

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