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Every day in the UK, 27 people – 10,000 a year – are told the news that they have leukaemia.

As individuals, we can make a real positive contribution to people affected by leukaemia. By putting our collective research, knowledge and understanding together, we can change the way people experience leukaemia for the better.

This is why we are always keen to talk to corporate partners, such as you, who can help us with our mission – to stop leukaemia devastating lives.

Learn how by partnering together, we can make a real impact on leukaemia research and improve treatment for leukaemia patients. 

A charity partnership with Leukaemia UK will make a big difference to the lives of people affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers. It will also bring great benefits to your company.

The benefits of a charity partnership with Leukaemia UK

  • We’ll offer your staff priority access to some of our exclusive events, such as ‘Who’s Cooking Dinner?’ our flagship fundraising event, where the likes of Rick Stein, Tom Kerridge and Gordon Ramsay have cooked for our guests.
  • We can offer your staff a limited number of places to some of the most sought-after national challenge events (such as the London Marathon).
  • We’ll provide support to your staff whilst planning fundraising events/activities. We’ll encourage motivational team building and employee engagement as we work together.
  • We’ll generate positive marketing and PR to highlight the outstanding work your company is doing for those affected by leukaemia. Enabling you to reach new audiences, grow your business and strengthen your social value.

There are so many different ways your company can help us at Leukaemia UK – from sponsoring charity events, to donating employee time and payroll giving.

How you can help us:

Charity Of The Year partnership

Sponsor our Events or Programmes

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Donating employee time

You can choose to support Leukaemia UK by offering your staff’s time and range of unique skills for a limited period of time. BPI on Demand has been helping Leukaemia UK for many years offering a series of services.

Fundraising activities

You can choose for your staff to organise fundraising events or take on challenges to raise funds for Leukaemia UK. The staff at Apple ran 30 miles in February 2021 raising £14170.98.
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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy way for employees to donate to charity directly from their salary, benefiting from the tax relief.

Volunteer at events

The wonderful staff at Net-a-Porter have been supporting Leukaemia UK for many years following the leukaemia diagnosis of one of their colleagues. They have volunteered at our events Mini Masters and Who’s Cooking Dinner?

Donating profits

You can decide to give a certain proportion of your profit or a certain percentage of your sales to Leukaemia UK.

Why work with Leukaemia UK

With your help, Leukaemia UK will be able to fund ground-breaking research and care for those affected by Leukaemia and other blood cancers. Your support will enable scientists and doctors to carry out pioneering projects. These advance our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of leukaemia. As well as develop kinder, more effective treatments for leukaemia.

  • Motivate your staff and encourage team building.
  • Meet your company’s KPIs and achieve CSR goals.
  • Reach new audiences and grow the business.
  • Create positive PR opportunities.
  • Build your brand profile.

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