Winter Appeal

In an open letter to all our supporters, Callan and her family share their experience of living through the unimaginable, losing their son Henry to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). Callan believes 'something good’ must come from losing Henry and by supporting Leukaemia UK today, your gift could be key to our mission.


Author: Louise Pavoni

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John Goldman Fellowships

Our fellowship awards were created to nurture the next generation of scientific talent. We offer funding for the most promising early career researchers and the best research projects.


Author: Amy Machin

First Medical Research Council and Leukaemia UK Clinical Research Training Fellow shares project highlights

Dr Sandeep Potluri's findings will contribute towards a better understanding, cure and treatments of leukaemia and blood cancers


Author: Louise Pavoni

Kathryn's story: diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at 22

Counselling and the support of her family helped Kathryn find a positive new way of life following her treatment


Author: Anonymised User

Debbie: I wanted to give some goodness back

Debbie describes her experience of being diagnosed with leukaemia, ignoring her tiredness and concerns about her health, and how it inspired her family to support Leukaemia UK



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