John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Fund

Our John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Fund enables our previous John Goldman Fellows to develop their research groups and further establish their careers, to help accelerate progress in leukaemia research.

Leukaemia UK continues to invest in research leaders of the future though John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Funding

In 2015, we developed our John Goldman Fellowship (JGF) programme aimed at early career scientists and clinicians. The fellowships were established to accelerate progress in leukaemia research by overcoming two recognised stumbling blocks in a researcher’s career progression: securing funding for a novel research idea and the transition from being a post-doctoral researcher to becoming a completely independent investigator.

We are now committed to going one step further. By continuing our investment in those who we consider to be the UK’s future research leaders in leukaemia and related disorders, we hope to make further advances in our knowledge of leukaemia and ultimately translate scientific advances into clinical practice. We are delighted to offer JGF Follow-up Funding to our previous John Goldman Fellows, helping them to develop their research groups and further establish their careers, whilst also supporting Leukaemia UK’s mission to fund research that can stop leukaemia devastating lives. We believe that by providing Follow-up Funding specifically to previous John Goldman Fellows, Leukaemia UK can provide a clear pathway by which early-career researchers in leukaemia and related diseases can progress all the way from being post-doctoral researchers to senior group leaders and full professors.

Leukaemia UK’s Follow-up Fund will fund only novel, clearly defined projects, and will not financially supplement existing research projects.

Successful applications must be able to demonstrate:

  • An innovative research project idea
  • Scientific excellence
  • The potential for high scientific and/or clinical impact

Who can apply?

Applications are invited only from previously funded Leukaemia UK John Goldman Fellows.

Application process

Applications for the 2023 awards are now closed. Successful awards should be announced in early 2024. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for details of the 2024 funding round.

Applications are invited from previously funded Leukaemia UK John Goldman Fellows, who must meet both of the following criteria:

  • The original Fellowship must be complete, or soon to complete. In addition, the completion date must be no more than three years prior to the current application deadline. I.e., completion on or after 30 June 2020 for the 2023 round of John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Funding
  • The Fellow has not previously received JGF Follow-up Funding

Previously unsuccessful applicants for JGF Follow-up Funding are eligible to re-apply, provided that they also still meet the eligibility criteria listed above.

Applications must be submitted via the Leukaemia UK Funding Management System. In order to submit an application, applicants are required to register for an account in the Leukaemia UK Funding Management System, as are the applicant’s Head of Department, Institutional Finance Approver and any Co-applicants, all of whom are also required to approve the application prior to the submission deadline. We therefore suggest that applicants begin their applications as soon as possible, to avoid any delays with the submission process. Applications can be saved in the system and updated at any time prior to the submission deadline. A detailed user guide is available.

Please also read our full JGF Follow-up Fund guidance and Terms and Conditions before starting your application.

In 2022 we funded one JGF Follow-up Fund project.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Leukaemia UK’s John Goldman Fellowship Follow-up Funding, please email our Research Manager, Dr Tom Simpson.

John Goldman Fellowships

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