30 Jun 2023 Fundraising

New book ‘Bronty’s Battle Cry’ supports Leukaemia UK

‘Bronty’s Battle Cry,’ an inspiring new picture book written by award-winning children’s author and young person’s counsellor, Hannah Peckham, has recently launched and Leukaemia UK are delighted that some of the money from the book sales will go towards the charity’s vital work.

This captivating story of bravery and resilience is a tribute to Hannah’s four-year-old son Bodhi, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His warrior spirit and bravery in facing the trials of chemotherapy and endless hospital visits have been an inspiration to all who have followed, and continue to follow, his progress back to health. In particular, through Hannah’s #PantsToLeukaemia campaign which Bodhi inspired. The campaign went viral after launch thanks to celebrities like Gok Wan, Holly Willoughby and Jessie J saying ‘pants to leukaemia!’ by putting their pants on their head, just like Bodhi did while in hospital.

In ‘Bronty’s Battle Cry,’ readers are introduced to Bronty, a lovable little dinosaur who embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Inspired by Hannah’s personal experiences, this tale of courage unfolds as Bronty faces unexpected challenges and learns to overcome them with determination, unwavering spirit and growing self-belief. Through Bronty’s adventures, children will discover the power of resilience, hope, and the importance of both recognising their own unique talents, and supporting others. The enchanting illustrations in ‘Bronty’s Battle Cry are by Ukrainian-born illustrator Hanna Tkachenko.

“Bronty’s Battle Cry” is a fantastic resource for parents, educators, and counsellors seeking to nurture children’s emotional well-being. The relatable characters and empowering storyline make it an excellent tool for discussions around courage, self-expression, and empathy.

The actor Ben Barnes recently delighted followers on Instagram when he read out some extracts from Bronty’s Battle Cry which Hannah shared:

Hannah is determined to encourage recognition of the importance of helping children to develop emotional skills early on in their lives, such as self-awareness and self-regulation. “Children who learn how to understand emotions in themselves and others, are better equipped in coping when strong emotions arise, and are more equipped to maintain good mental well-being and resilience as they get older.”

Fiona Hazell, Leukaemia UK’s CEO said, “Important discoveries are happening all the time within blood cancer research, and it’s thanks to the amazing support of families’ such as Hannah and Bodhi’s that we can fund the world-class researchers across the UK who are continuing to accelerate this progress. Whilst there are still many challenges to treating this disease and more progress is still desperately needed, at Leukaemia UK we know that research has the power to one day stop leukaemia devastating lives.”

‘Bronty’s Battle Cry’ is available both online and in bookstores nationwide. Readers can learn more about the book, the author’s journey, and the partnership with Leukaemia UK by following Hannah on Instagram via @h.j.peckham or you can follow Award Publications via @award.books.

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