The charity Leuka funded ground-breaking research into leukaemia and blood cancer for more than 40 years. 

Professor Goldman, Leuka's founding chairman, was a pioneer in bone marrow transplantation for chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) who wanted to see the latest research breakthroughs brought from bench to bedside as quickly as possible.

Its legacy continues today as part of Leukaemia UK. 


Milestones in Leuka's 40-year history

1 November 2019 - Leuka and Leukaemia UK join forces, coming together under Chairman Chris Corbin OBE to form the UK’s biggest specialist charity for leukaemia and other blood cancers.  

2019 – Leuka celebrates its achievements at its third Annual Science Seminar, marking the fifth cohort of John Goldman Fellowships. Since 2015, 22 fellowships have been awarded and more than £5m dispersed in grants to research and clinical trials. 

2016 - Leuka invests £1m in a major new UK platform for stem cell transplantation patients. The project, called IMPACT, aims to accelerate the delivery of prospective clinical trials to improve outcomes for eligible patients. Partners include NHSBMT, Anthony Nolan and the University of Birmingham.

2015 - Leuka launches a new initiative – the John Goldman Fellowships for Future Science Awards.

2014 - Leuka restructures as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) with the Charity Commission, with registered number 1154856. Chris Corbin OBE is appointed as Chairman of Trustees following the untimely death of Professor John Goldman, Leuka’s founding Chairman for 31 years.

2012 - Leuka celebrates its 30th anniversary and embarks on fundraising for a major initiative to raise more than £1m each year for research.

2011 - Trustees appoint a Chief Executive Officer for the first time to develop the charity’s ambitious five-year strategy.

2005 - The Catherine Lewis Centre opens a new facility for processing blood and bone marrow stem cells for transplantation. A dedicated Clinical Trials Unit opens to study new drugs and pioneer therapies for leukaemia patients worldwide.

2002 - The three-storey specialist leukaemia centre, The Catherine Lewis Centre, opens to patients for the first time on Tuesday 25 June 2002. Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, with Imperial College London, now owns and manages this centre.

1998 - A £10m Capital Appeal is launched by Leuka to fund the building of a new specialist leukaemia centre at Hammersmith Hospital.

1986 - Leuka funds a major redevelopment of the Hammersmith’s Dacie Ward, dedicated to the treatment of leukaemia patients.

1982 - Leuka is founded by Lester Cazin, a leukaemia patient at Hammersmith Hospital, to raise funds to support research.