Jessica's story

Jessica describes how counselling played a pivotal role in facing up to her treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia and coping with life after cancer. Read more

Debbie's chronic cancer

Debbie was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in 2011 as a student. Read about the help she received from Leukaemia UK. Read more

Becky's transplant story

After seven years of poor health, Becky was told she needed a stem cell transplant for a rare blood disorder. Read more

Lucreta's AML experience

The counselling Lucreta received after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia played a crucial role in her treatment. Read more

Billie's story of giving

Billie set up a fund to raise money for the charities that helped her during her treatment for leukaemia. We are delighted that Leukaemia UK was chosen as a Billie's Fund charity. Read more

Kathryn's story

Counselling and the support of her family helped Kathryn find a positive new way of life following her treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. Read more

Paul's multiple myeloma journey

When Paul was told he had multiple myeloma he worried about how his diagnosis would affect everyone else - before finally focussing on himself. Read more

Adam's lymphoma lessons

When Adam was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma he put his faith in chemotherapy but was obsessed by the prospect of losing his hair. Read more

Anika's journey to recovery

Anika was seven months pregnant with her second daughter when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Read more

Kate's story

As Kate's physical health improved following treatment for lymphoma, the enormity of what she had been through hit home and she turned to counselling for support. Read more

Alan's cancer counselling

Eight years after being diagnosed with lymphoma, Alan is continuing to live with the emotional fall-out of cancer, which triggered post traumatic stress disorder and depression. Read more

Jacqui's myeloma: memories and reality

When Jacqui was diagnosed with myeloma she had to deal with her diagnosis as well as the memory of her father's death of the same condition. Read more