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Breakthroughs in research don’t happen every day.

But when they do they have the power to give people kinder and more effective treatment options. Research is continually transforming the entire patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and care. Help us improve people’s experience of living with blood cancer and increase survival rates dramatically.

Inspiring stories

People have the power to change lives, raise awareness, transform treatment and care and so much more. Read stories of how people have unleashed their power to help fund life-changing research.

The power to change treatment and care

Dr William Grey’s research has discovered that by blocking the function of a specific protein in our bodies (CKS1), we can target and treat cancerous leukaemia cells but spare healthy cells at the same time. A potential game-changer for future treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) that would mean kinder, more targeted treatment and reduce the chances of AML returning.

The power to change understanding

Our Patient Experience Advisory Panel share their experiences of living with leukaemia. Their stories have helped nurses and consultants understand the power that living at home and keeping daily routines has on recovery, mental health and even response to treatment.

The power to change outcomes

Ricky knows first-hand the importance of recognising and acting quickly on the symptoms of leukaemia. He’s sharing his experience not only to raise money for Leukaemia UK, but also to raise awareness of the symptoms so others have a chance of getting help sooner.

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