What is this research looking at?

Mixed Lineage Leukaemia, an aggressive form of leukaemia mostly affecting paediatric patients. The current treatment is based on chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplantation; however, it isn’t very effective and even patients who respond eventually relapse, which means that the disease will come back. We believe that this happens because some leukemic cells hide, escape the treatment or simply survive the treatment. So, we need to understand how this happens to be able to kill the leukaemic stem cells.

What could this mean for people with leukaemia?

I hope that my research will allow us not only to increase our knowledge on the biology of leukaemia but also to help us to design new treatments and spare families from the suffering of living with this disease. 

"Leukaemia UK support has been instrumental for starting my independent research programme. This is one of the most crucial and challenging stages in the career of a scientist. I had a research plan but no funding to pursue it. There is no other programme that invests in brilliant new ideas the way the John Goldman Fellowship scheme does. "

Lead Researcher: Dr Maria Teresa EspositoUniversity of Roehampton

Official title of project: Understanding the role of phosphatase PP2A on chemotherapy resistance of Mixed Lineage Leukaemia (MLL)

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