About the fund

Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference. The ability to turn up the heating to keep a poorly loved one warm, being able to cover the extra cost of parking to take someone with blood cancer to hospital appointments or getting a little help to pay the weekly food shop bill because your benefits haven't come through.

We understand that worrying about money is the last thing you need when you're dealing with a blood cancer diagnosis or helping a loved one cope with treatment. To help ease that concern we offer a small number of grants each year through our Helping Hand Fund of up to £500 as a one-off gift.

"When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, I hadn't been at my job very long and only received half pay. I was very grateful to be given £300from Leukaemia UK's Helping Hand Fund which meant I was able to pay for taxis to and from my hospital appointments which made a big difference."

Yasmin, 24, who has just completed her chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma

Over the years we have helped many people in very different ways. We funded a new bath for a family whose chipped enamel bath was a cause for concern around infections for their seriously immuno-suppressed little girl. Another time, we paid for a taxi which could accommodate a dad's wheelchair, when he was determined not to let his blood cancer prevent him from walking his daughter down the aisle.  

We don't know what particular circumstances you may face, but we'll help if we can.

How to apply

Our grants are for a maximum one-off gift of up to £500.  You will need help from your consultant or specialist nurse to fill in some parts of the application form and it must be counter-signed by the treating clinician, who can vouch that this is a case of genuine financial need. 

Please note: we are unable to consider further applications this year (2019) as our allocated funds have been used up.