Almost 10 years ago, Leukaemia UK was asked to fund a dedicated support nurse for teenagers and young adults at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London  

For young people between the ages of 16 and 24, lymphoma is the most common cancer. Treatments are tough, and can have a lasting impact on their appearance, fertility, relationships and confidence. Our aim is to give every young person the support they need, so they can have the best possible chance of picking up their normal life again.

Leukaemia UK is proud to have funded Gavin Maynard-Wyatt in the hospital's first specialist nurse post. Read about a typical day at work for Gavin here.

Two years later, having seen how Gavin's work had made a real difference to the young people in his care, Leukaemia UK funded the post of clinical psychologist Dr Clare Jacobson, who now chairs a national network focusing on the special needs of teenagers and young adults with cancer.  

The department now includes a social worker, a fertility expert, a community youth worker and a dietitian, so whatever life struggles the young people are facing, someone is there to listen and offer advice. 

We are pleased to have been able to continue our help by providing cooking and life skills classes – because looking after yourself, eating well and seeing friends becomes extra difficult when you are poorly at this early age. Find out how the Leukaemia UK-funded cookery courses inspired young people affected by blood cancer here.

In the near future, Dr Robert Carr, consultant haematoloist at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, who instigated Gavin's role, hopes his plans for a dedicated treatment unit for teenagers and young adults will become a reality. Leukaemia UK is pleased to continue to support this by offering funding for the family room in the new ward.  

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