We owe a huge debt of thanks to those organisations that have supported us over the years:

  1. Kings College Hospital and the clinical team there who have been and remain huge ambassadors for us, and have referred many of our wonderful donors who want to 'give back'.  Seeing the visible evidence of our giving to Kings over the years (The Derek Mitchell ward, the ELF ward...etc) has motivated many patients and their families to become loyal supporters.  
  2. Trusts and Foundations.  We won't name them here, as some prefer to remain anonymous, but gifts to us from Trusts have enabled us to make some of our most significant investments, and knowing that our partner Trusts are there for us enables us to plan future work and grants.  
  3. Frontera London.  We met Frontera in 2016, and they became involved with us because of the Mind and Body project at Kings, which was then just in planning stages.  Since then their creative team, and senior management have donated hours of time and expertise to us.  The entire rebranding to Leukaemia UK was made possible by their support - and they are now designing a whole launch and promotion campaign for the Mind and Body service.  Their work and investment in our charity takes 'pro bono' to a whole new level.  They are an amazing bunch!