Leukaemia UK launches its new website and name this month as part of a series of events to celebrate 40 years of helping to make life changing improvements to blood cancer care.

We have changed our name from the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (ELF) to Leukaemia UK to reflect our ambition of increasing our impact by supporting more families affected by blood cancer and by working with more hospitals around the UK.

 The new name encompasses our work as a leading blood cancer charity working for a blood cancer cure and improved care.

Our work will remain the same, supporting people living with leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma and other blood disorders by funding research into kinder forms of treatment and promoting better care for both mind and body.

Leukaemia UK is very grateful for the help of communications agency Frontera which offered our charity a free consultancy, meaning the development of a new name, brand and logo has come at no cost to our supporters.

We remain completely reliant on voluntary donations to keep our charity and its important work running.