Since November 2017 Leukaemia UK is the new name for the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund.

For the last four decades, Leukaemia UK has been making a difference to those living with blood cancer. We fund emotional support, pay for new hospital facilities, offer critical financial help and fund innovative research into better care and treatments for blood cancers.

We have used this, our 40th year, to review our work and achievements to develop a new strategy and vision for the future.
We want to increase our impact by supporting more families affected by blood cancer and by working with more hospitals around the UK.
Now feels like a good time to change our name from the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund to Leukaemia UK to reflect this ambition. We still hold tight to the founding principles of this charity which are:

  • to improve care and support for people living with blood cancer

  • to fund innovative research to find kinder, more effective ways of treating blood cancer

We have been fortunate to benefit from free consultancy from Frontera, a creative digital agency. The company has helped us develop a new name, logo and brand, at no cost to our supporters.

This new name encompasses our work as a leading blood cancer charity working for a blood cancer cure and improved care.  Our work will remain the same, covering all blood cancers and related disorders.
Our name change won’t affect our charity registration number, office address, bank details and company numbers. For those who donate to us through payroll giving, standing order or direct debit, you won't need to change anything.

We remain completely reliant on voluntary donations to keep our charity and its important work running. Thank you for your generous support and for being part of our exciting journey.

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