Leukaemia UK is very proud to have donated more than £6 million to King's College Hospital in London, an international centre of excellence in the field of haematology.

Our 40-year partnership has revolutionised the care that people affected by blood cancer receive. Twenty five years ago, King's did not have a single dedicated bed for haematology patients. Now, thanks to lobbying and funding from Leukaemia UK, the hospital has four specialist wards for people affected by blood cancer. 

With our help, King's became the first hospital in the UK to have a dedicated counsellor for haematology patients, something that is now available in every hospital. 

King's has recently decided to invest in a world-class Institute of Haematology and we plan to support them every step of the way. We are also very excited about our latest joint venture, the Leukaemia UK Mind & Body Team, which brings together excellence in emotional and clinical care.

"I am so grateful to Leukaemia UK, which has supported our research, clinical facilities and innovative patient care for 40 years. Without their constant help and vision there simply would not have been a department of haematological medicine at King's, which I'm proud to say is now one of the best in Britain," says Ghulam Mufti, Professor of Haemato-oncology, at King's.

In our 40-year partnership with King's, Leukaemia UK has helped to shape ground-breaking changes in patient care and supports the research work carried out by its dedicated staff.

Leukaemia UK's support of King's includes:

  • Funding to set up the Isobel Mitchell DNA Laboratory
  • Funding for a dedicated Leukaemia Treatment Suite
  • Grants to establish clinical nurse specialist posts, including the first specialist post caring for bone marrow transplant patients' particular needs
  • Paying for the building of an Ambulatory Care Unit, and start-up staffing
  • Grants for important research in haematology
  • Creating the first ever specialist counsellor post dedicated to haematology patients
  • Piloting the ground breaking Leukaemia UK Mind & Body team of specialists which will bring together excellence in clinical and emotional care

Help us support the Leukaemia UK Mind & Body Team at King's