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We are funding more research: read about John Goldman Fellow 2020 Dr Kostas Tzelepis, University of Cambridge 

Dr Tzelepis's research has promising clinical potential to develop new therapeutic options, giving hope to patients with AML and other types of cancer.

Find out more about #RememberACharityWeek, a campaign raising awareness of the importance of gifts in Wills.

A gift to Leukaemia UK will help us fund ground-breaking research and care to make a difference those affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers, for generations to come.

Read Louise's inspiring acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) story

Find out more about John Goldman Fellow 2020, Dr Simon Mitchell's  innovative diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) research.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Help us raise awareness of leukaemia and other blood cancers by getting involved.

Read about John Goldman Fellow 2020, Dr Bettina Wingelhofer's vital AML research: Understanding gene activation to find novel therapeutic targets

Read about John Goldman Fellow 2020, Dr Miguel Ganuza's essential leukaemia research at Queen Mary University of London

Be our Hero, explore our exciting range of Virtual Challenges and events

Leukaemia UK's Helping Hand Fund 

At Leukaemia UK we are committed to supporting those living with a blood cancer and their families through difficult times. We understand that worrying about money is the last thing you need when you are dealing with a blood cancer diagnosis or helping a loved one cope with treatment. To help ease financial concerns we offer a ‘Helping Hand’.   Our Helping Hand Fund provides awards of a fixed amount of £150 as a one-off payment. The aim of the awards is to make life more manageable, we'll help if we can. Find out more about Helping Hand

Rebecca’s acute promyelocytic leukaemia story

Rebecca was 21 years old and working as a Police Officer when she developed excessive bruising in early 2019. This led to her acute promyelocytic leukaemia diagnosis in March 2019. Here, Rebecca shares her story in her own words, to help raise awareness.

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About our work

Investing in healthcare professionals

We invest in the best clinicians, researchers and scientists through our grants programme, developing the scientific leaders of tomorrow. Our grants fund research projects, help develop care pathways and equip professionals with the skills to discover improvements in care or advances in treatment. 

Accelerating treatments through clinical trials

We are investing in a new clinical trials initiative called IMPACT to help fast-track the testing of drug and cellular therapies for patients who experience complications after a stem cell transplant. It allows transplant centres across the UK to work together to deliver clinical trials focused on stem cell transplantation. 

Supporting the mind and body

We believe emotional support during and after treatment is essential. That’s why we’ve launched an innovative pilot in blood cancer care: our Mind & Body team. Psychologists, a psychiatrist, counsellors and a social worker work with the haematology team at King's College Hospital to provide holistic care at every stage of treatment.

Transforming blood cancer care

Alongside investing in world-class research we fund innovative projects to improve care. Through our care projects we improve access to treatment for those affected by blood cancers and provide opportunities to meet other people experiencing life with a blood cancer diagnosis. 

Providing critical financial support

An unexpected illness can knock life plans off course, with significant financial repercussions. We know this can be a real worry. Leukaemia UK offers one-off grants via our Helping Hand Fund to ease families or individuals through a difficult period. Applications must be supported by your consultant or specialist nurse.

Leukaemia UK relies completely on voluntary donations. Please help us support people affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers by donating to Leukaemia UK today, by fundraising or getting involved in our events.