We are grateful that you wish to raise funds for Leukaemia UK. Your support will enable us to make a difference to families affected by leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancers.

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions that we ask you to agree with before fundraising for Leukaemia UK:

1.    Not do anything that is likely to harm Leukaemia UK’s reputation and only use lawful means to fundraise.

2.    To be responsible for organising insurance and to accept that Leukaemia UK does not hold any responsibility for your fundraising activities and will not be held liable in any way, including any injury or loss that might occur as a result of this activity.

3.    As an independent fundraiser, to refer to your fundraising as being 'In aid of Leukaemia UK'.

4.    To be clear and honest with donors about your activity and fundraising and not bring Leukaemia UK into disrepute.

5.    To contact Leukaemia UK for guidance and seek prior written approval to use Leukaemia UK’s logo and branding of any promotional materials you wish to produce.

6.    That it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary and appropriate permits, licences, approvals and consents prior to starting your fundraising activity.

7.    To pay Leukaemia UK all funds raised within 5 weeks of fundraising activity and return any fundraising materials.

8.    To be responsible for ensuring your fundraising activity complies with and adheres to the Government’s social distancing laws.

9.    We welcome fundraisers of all ages to support our cause. For those under 16 wishing to raise funds for our cause, we will need a parent or guardian to give permission and take responsibility for all aspects of their fundraising activities.

Thank you for your support

Last updated: July 2020