Leukaemia UK funds research and cares for those affected by Leukaemia. The charity relies completely on voluntary donations.

In June 2019 I sadly lost my son, Jeremy to T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (T-ALL). Later that year I decided to raise some funds by doing a swim for Jeremy.

The fact that I couldn’t swim and have always been petrified of water was a huge obstacle to overcome. I acquired a long suffering and knowledgeable swimming instructor called Tim. After quite a while we thought I might manage a length, then COVID-19 arrived. Swimming pools were closed so as you can see I resorted to practising in the kitchen, on a chair!!! (If viewing this page on a mobile, turn and view in landscape mode to see both pictures above)

Then Tim had a brainwave. Do it in the sea?! Well, I’m frightened of water let alone the sea but I agreed. This spectacle is going to take place on 29th August 2020 on Rustington Beach at the end of Broadmark Lane at 10am. All are welcome but don’t expect too much!!!

Please donate if you can and help to someday make Jeremy’s wish come true, to find a cure for Leukaemia.

Thank you.

Susan Jarvis