Iggy’s sister, Isabella was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on 30th March 2020, just after we’d gone into lockdown. She was the fittest, sportiest 12 year-old - her team were National U12 Hockey Champions 2019 - and had never even been to the GP, so the diagnosis came as a huge shock.
She is doing ok so far and all going well, she will finish treatment in July 2022.
The amazing support of the Royal Marsden and Pembury Hospitals enables Bella to have a good chance of recovery but without the life-saving research pioneered by LeukaemiaUK, this chance would be dramatically reduced for all the children and adults who are affected by leukaemia.
Thank you so much for your donations towards LeukaemiaUk - they are life-saving.
Rachel & Rodrigo (Bell A’s parents)

Scott Dean