So in November last year I was diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) which is a serious condition but luckily, for me it has been caught in its early stages and I am hoping to do well on the treatment that has been prescribed for me.
I am so grateful not only for myself but for my family too that CML was picked up from a blood test for another reason and as a result of this I want to get involved in supporting Leukaemia UK to raise money and particularly awareness of this condition together with other blood cancers.
If I had not been in hospital having my operation this would never have been found at the early stage and things could have been totally different later in life.
I feel lucky that I was seen so quickly and was able to begin treatment so quickly as with everything going on other people haven't had that.
For the last few months I haven’t felt 100% in myself and haven’t really been able to even go on walks with my family but finally I feel so much better and feel able to do this and I want to give something back and raise money while doing my daily exercise!! Siobhan Robinson