It was Christmas 2016, it was also the day of my wedding day 20th December, my dad was looking really well, he'd recently recovered from prostrate cancer and was in remission having beat it early that year. It was a year that as a family we all celebrated.

In the days after my wedding my dad began to feel really unwell, he spent the coming days in bed, including Christmas day, as he barely had any energy. He was told by the doctors that he could have has food poisoning, most probably contracted from the food at my wedding. I thought this slightly strange, as there were approximately 120 people who ate at my wedding and only my dad had food poisoning. He had to give blood samples to the doctors and await results.

The blood samples were in, the cancer specialist who was responsible for my dads care had received the blood sample and rang my dad immediately asking him to travel to Castle Hill Hospital and bring an overnight bag. I remember receiving the call from my mum asking me to come to the hospital as soon as possible, I was in Leeds and so made my way back to Hull right away. I remember arriving and my dad was sat there, head held up but with the vaguest of looks on his face. Then he said those dreaded words we'd heard a few years back. "I've got cancer, Leukaemia - I need to stay in the hospital son." First reaction was (and it's horrible for anyone to ask this question), is it terminal? Both my parebts were confused at what information they'd be given, numb. Eventually, the answer was no, they've found it in time.

My heart sank but myself and my siblings went into a positive reactionary mode. He'd beat it before and he'd beat it again. Luckily, they had discovered the Leukaemia just in time and could treat the cancer.

During the coming months we lost our dad to the cancer, he became withdrawn from us, he spent a huge amount of time, months, as an inpatient and barely wanted to see us. He couldn't talk due to the chemotherapy causing massive amounts of mouth ulcers. He was stick thin, hardly ate and just wanted to be by himself. He hated us seeing him like that. Basically unrecognisable but............ he survived.

He's in remission now and living life, he did have to retire from work early, the cancer beat him in that respect, he could no longer work the way he could previously do so before the Leukaemia. More importantly, he has his life though.

Why do I want to raise money for Leukaemia UK? I want to them to continue with their amazing work in medical research, awareness and find ways to prevent/treat all forms of leukaemia.

I am lucky in the sense that my dad is still here to tell the tale but many others aren't. If I can raise money for Leukaemia UK, even a small amount, I know it will help them in their fight against this horrible disease.

Please donate anything you can, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, your kindness will be appreciated exactly the same.

Thanks for reading this, a bit long but I appreciate your time.

Thank you

Martin Wood