Our beautiful 26-year-old daughter Lauren was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) on 26 January 2018. She showed no sign of any illness apart from a backache. After having a blood test, that same morning she received a phone call from our GP to say she had leukaemia and had to get to hospital within the hour. We were all so devastated, especially as she had a beautiful 6-year-old son and we thought these things only happen to other people, not us. Lauren was told she must travel up to Leicester Royal Infirmary to start chemotherapy that afternoon. How could this be true when she was such a strong and healthy woman? Lauren was such a healthy, loving strong woman and mother and she was so determined to fight this illness. Her greatest wish was to stay to watch her precious little boy grow up. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and with great sadness Lauren passed away on Thursday 22 February 2018. We are determined to raise as much money as we can, for others who are suffering with this illness and hopefully find a cure soon, so in the future, other families and children do not have to go through what Lauren, her darling son and our family have had to endure. Thank you for reading this and supporting us.

Liz Hughes