Joshua Kurton I've decided to join this challenge 👣💪

Having had a brother go through this cancer at a young age, it's the challenge I've been looking for, for me to do my part too help others and in support of those in need. The challenges and struggles that I've had to witness to this cancer were tough as a young teenager to see, but it goes to show the real heroes are those battling this disease.

With 2020 being a new decade, it has been a whole 10 years and a decade ago in 2010 since my brother was diagnosed with this condition, having had many trials and challenges still currently facing and battling today.

A goal of mine since the beginning of lockdown has been to work towards completing a half marathon, so this is the perfect first goal challenge of mine to complete.

This campaign with Leukaemia UK has been set up by The Big Virtual Run, as shown below the information ;

Where - Anywhere

When - Anytime (throughout a month)

Registration - £13 (paid through Run for Charity)

Sponsorship - £100

"What better way to stay fit whilst social distancing to challenge yourself to complete 30 miles, 60 miles, 90 miles or 120 miles distance throughout a month. As long as you are staying active and reach the full mile target you set yourself, it does not matter how you do it. "

My aim for this is too complete the 90 miles challenge in August

Josh Joshua Kurton