My family has been impacted by "The Big C" on three occasions. On two of these, we have been able to overcome it with medical help. The last we were not so fortunate. My sister-in-law Teresa was approaching retirement. The time in your life when you look forward to doing all the things you have been promising yourself for so many years. It was then that she was diagnosed with blood cancer.

I never knew there were so many types and I knew of people who had been diagnosed with the condition and who had been able to keep it at bay and go on to live for many years. Teresa was not so lucky. She was eventually found to have contracted one of the more virulent strains and a life expectancy of a possible 5 years was cruelly cut short. Happening during the current pandemic, and with the threat of infection a constant source of concern, she had to remain isolated, although able to spend her last days in the company of her loving husband Robbie. Sadly remaining distant from friends and family that she loved so much and who loved her. A family that she had selflessly tended and cared for most of her life. Her brave fight to stay with us was ended a short while ago.

On 26th September 2021 I will be running the Hackney Half Marathon in her memory and to fundraise and raise awareness of Leukaemia UK.

I very much hope you feel able to support me in this endeavour.

Bob Archer