Scott Mitchell was a keen supporter of the Ealing Eagles. During the club’s early days he offered free training sessions to club members and over time has become one of our club’s key sponsors. Scott and his team at Move Clinics provided regular post-race support for our Annual 10k event and have helped rehabilitate many Eagles over the years. A softly spoken, kind and knowledgeable guy, with impressive running records of his own, he will be sorely missed by members of the club and by the wider West London running community. We would like to take the chance to remember him by raising some money in his honour.

The Leukaemia Foundation in Australia provided invaluable support to Scott and his family, enabling them to relocate to Sydney during his treatment. On the recommendation of Scott’s wife, Kerry, we would like to raise money in his memory for the equivalent UK charity, Leukaemia UK, in order to help support other families going through similar experiences.

We will miss you Scott, thank you for sharing your expertise, and love of running with us.
From Scott's London Running Friends