My grandad was diagnosed with chronic Leukaemia 4 years ago, he passed away 2 days after my 19th birthday about a month ago on the 30th of August 2021. I’m so glad that my last memory was my birthday with him and I’m so proud that he managed to be brave and be able to be part of my day. I know he was in pain the last few days before he passed away and watching him go in and out of hospital of the last 4 months for blood transfusions and being put through series of chemotherapy and other medications that made him weak was heartbreaking. Sadly he didn’t get to go through radiotherapy due to how weak he was I know how much he wanted to go and do radiotherapy to help with the lumps he had. The last few days before my grandad sadly passed away he started to become unaware of his surroundings and couldn’t recognise his family. He became unresponsive for the most part at first we thought he had a stroke to which we called an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived and after examinations they told us the heartbreaking news that no one expected. They told us that it wasn’t a stroke it was in fact the last stage of his illness taking over him they also suspected that his cancer must have spread to his brain because it was quick developing. Watching how my grandad dealt with the pain was beyond heartbreaking. I never thought that this bad patch couldn’t have been the end. He has had bad days before and honestly I thought it was just a normal bad patch before the good days again but this time it got worse over the course of hours.

Polina Petrova