David became involved in starting Leukaemia UK (founded as The Elimination of Leukaemia Fund) for two reasons. Firstly, because his wife Pat's first child Ashley died of leukaemia, and secondly because of his good friends Isobel and Derek Mitchell. Isobel was diagnosed with CML which then turned into AML, in the 1970s. She survived for 10 years, and was instrumental in starting the charity to support people like herself being treated at Kings.
David and his colleagues oversaw the charity giving huge support to Kings over the years, and from the late 1990s opened up the charity to giving nationally. Thanks to their sound stewardship and foresight, the charity developed a strong base of national supporters, particularly payroll donors, and also signed up for Golden Bond Charity places in the London Marathon when it started in 1981. This and their other initiatives guaranteed the longevity of the charity, and has enabled us to support some major developments in Blood cancer care and research across the country.
David was always keen to see the charity develop and move forwards, and he gave his seal of approval for the new giving strategy covering Mind and Body care, and for the new charity name, even though he was already suffering from ill health by that time.

Angela Smith-Morgan