On the 15th March 2004, Geoff sadly passed away after a very short and brief two week battle with Leukaemia. Whilst it has been heartbreaking to think that Geoff was not there to see his son, James get married in November or will miss walking his daughter down the aisle; to honour his memory and the role he would have played for our big day, we ask our family and our friends to celebrate the wonderful man that he was and remember his fantastic dad dance moves (pointed fingers and all) in all their glory. Please help us celebrate his sense of adventure, his love for a good ale, his passion for his family and his gentle, kind heart.

Emma found a poem that seemed fitting:

Your little girl is all grown up,
I'm now becoming Robert's wife,
I know you'll walk beside me
As you have throughout my life.
You held my hand as a little girl,
And now you hold my heart
You may not walk me down the aisle,
But you'll play an important part.
You were so much more than my father,
You were my hero, my confidante, my friend,
You'll stay with me, held in my heart
Those memories will never end.
I know that you'll be with me,
On the day I become a Bride
Held within my memories,
You'll always be by my side.

Rob Sage