There are few times in your life when you have the chance to truly make a difference to someone else. Whether it’s by donating a kidney, blood, time or money - it all counts and it all makes a difference. Today, I am asking for your help raising money for Leukaemia UK by sponsoring me to donate my hair!

Leukaemia UK are a small but highly impactful charity. They help to fund research projects, fund facilities, provide financial help to those in need as well as offering emotional support including counselling.

Everyone knows someone that has been effected or impacted by the big ‘C’. Undergoing treatment is awful for the patient, family and friends and one of the side effects can be to loose your hair. A wig can help improve confidence, restore an identity and increase self esteem.

All I’m doing is getting a haircut - if you want some true inspiration please read Billies Fund.

#bloodcancer @billies_fund @LeukUK

Ellen Palmer-Riordan