In 1999 my Grannie (My Mum’s Mum) got diagnosed with leukaemia. Sadly, in 2004 she lost her battle. She was my best friend and she is dearly missed.

In 2011, my Uncle Tim got diagnosed with leukaemia, within 6 months he had fought it. However, in 2016 3 months after Scott & I got married, Tim sadly got a second diagnoses of leukaemia. This time it took 8 months for him to fight it again.

My Grannie and my Uncle both mean so much to me, so it’s only right I try and help to raise money for vital research.

I plan to walk 30 miles between now (03/03/21) to (03/04/21).

03/04/21 - 30 miles COMPLETED! Gemma Davey