I have chosen this charity as its close to my heart and my family, My Grandad was diagnosed years ago with Leukaemia, it affects so many of us in our life time whether it being yourself, Family or Friends. For anyone or for those who have loved ones who may have to one day receive treatment and support from this devastating disease I do truly believe this charity is going to help support so many people in the UK. I know there are many different types of cancer and all research and donations are always gratefully received. I never really knew about Leukaemia until my Grandad was diagnosed.. he is fortunate at the moment that his medication keeps his immune system strong enough to fight it. This research will forever be on going in ways to treat/cure The disease. As a lot of you know My Grandad also has dementia and as part of my Fundraiser I have decided to split the money to two separate Charity’s. I have already raised £144 towards Alzheimer’s society in just one Week. I am So Truely grateful for all your donatations to that charity. For the remaining amount to reach my total target of £350 by the 8th June 2019 I am going to aim to raise the final £200 towards LeukaemiaUK. The Charity fundraiser event I am going to be taking part in is a Boxing match which will be 3 2 minute rounds held in Ipswich at Trinity Park (Suffolk showground) on June 8th 2019. I have begun a 12 week programme with SUFFOLK PUNCH BOXING CLUB who are an amazing club who hold charity events regularly. This is such an amazing opportunity for me to raise money for a cause close to mine and my families hearts. I am hoping to raise £200 towards the charity. And Any Donation no matter how much will be truly and gratefully received. Many thanks to Everyone supporting me and this Cause. Francine Reeder