My nephew Grayson was first diagnosed at 7 months old and went through extensive critical care as he battled ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia).

After almost a year in hospital Grayson went into remission but unfortunately the Leukaemia came back on two more occasions. During the course of his battle he has gone through treatment at Great Ormond Street and Addenbrooks Hospitals where he was eventually given CAR-T cells. This is a treatment from America which was very effective on the leukaemia cells and he is currently in maintenance chemotherapy awaiting a decision on a bone marrow transplant in April.

I will be running the London Landmarks Half Marathon in support of Leukaemia UK. I have been training hard this year but broke my toes in an accident so have been out for the last 8/9 weeks. I will be training hard this week and next in the hot weather to do as best as I can on the day!

Leukaemia UK have 37 years’ experience in ground-breaking medical research and four decades of pioneering care. They support those affected by leukaemia and other blood cancers through the physical, psychological and emotional uncertainty that may come with a diagnosis, working to fund innovative and effective research for better treatments and care.

With one person being diagnosed with a blood cancer every 14 minutes in the UK, it is imperative that more is done.

Together, we be able to make an even bigger difference. Zach Madison