Stephen was diagnosed with Leukaemia in the summer of 2017. He had extensive treatment during six months at the haematology unit at Bretonneau Hospital in Tours, France where the medical staff cared for him in an exemplary way, he was only able to enjoy a period of remission that lasted just nine months. During that time he lived life to the full, continued working on his many projects and even started back at the gym.  He was feeling good, but he knew that time might be running out so we organised a trip to go down to NZ to catch up with family and friends.

In mid-January of this year before our departure Stephen was told that he was no longer in remission. After a great visit down under, he started chemo treatment. But sadly, soon after a ski weekend with the Lorch family in the French Alps, he succumbed to an infection and died.

Stephen was genuinely interested in young people and their future careers, so I have chosen to raise funds in his memory for The Leukaemia UK Haematology Grants Programme for Early Career Development. These grants support haematology professionals who are just starting out in their career researching into a variety of different areas and types of blood cancer. This is a way forward to encourage new ideas.

Talking about the launch of this programme, Professor Antonio Pagliuca, Professor of Stem Cell Transplantation at King’s College London and Chair of Leukaemia UK’s medical panel, said, “This innovative programme offers flexible seed funding for haematology professionals who are still at an early stage in their careers, enables them to explore novel projects, and find innovative approaches to blood cancer treatments and patient care.  Exciting research projects that Leukaemia UK hope will have a major impact on developing more effective and kinder ways of treating blood cancer.’’

I believe Stephen would have been most supportive of this project. During his treatment he never complained about his illness.  He just got on with life. He is greatly missed by many.

Thank you for helping to fundraise for this important cause - 'in Stephen's memory and to help others in the future'