In 2021, I met the most amazing man and just knew that I wanted to spend forever and ever with him - a real lockdown love story. In October, Amar proposed and in July 2022 we were due to get married. At the end of April 2022, Amar was diagnosed with acute leukaemia - news we were never expecting, and what at the time felt like everything had been turned upside down, instead just heightened the will and determination we have to fight this and get back to our journey. Anyone who knows Amar, will agree that he is an incredible loving man who has such a pure heart, always there for others and my very own ‘gentle giant’ (he’s 6’2 and I’m 5’2). This is just a detour in our journey and we will fight this, Amar will beat this! As my first charitable event for leukaemia, I’ll be chopping off my locks on August 6th, which I had been growing for our wedding. Any sponsorship money will go to raising vital funds for Leukaemia UK (, so please dig deep into your pockets!

Update: I created this page on the morning of 29th April with a target of £700, which was surpassed within the hour (thank you!!), so I’ve upped the target to £3000 😊

Update 2: We have hit the £3000 target in a day 💛 and now Amar says the new target is £5000

Update 3: We hit the £5,000 target on 3rd May. Amar has set a new target of £7,000 🤩 Jasdeep Bhambra