For the last few years if his life Dad battled some form of cancer. Lymphoma was treated, but the treatment destroyed his bone marrow. So in June they gave him this news. There was not much hope. They kept him going with blood transfusions and treatments to prolong his life for a while, but in the end enough was enough. Dad just wanted to be home, not in a hospital. So that's what we did. Took him home and mum, my lovely brave mum, looked after him. When it was too much we, his girls, helped out. We were all there at the end, he waited for Barb to arrive, said 'Hello Barb' and forty minutes later he left us. It wasn't peaceful. Holding up the frail body of the brave man who carried me through life, as he gasped his last breath is a moment that will last with me forever. He taught me kindness, compassion and at the last how to be brave. So I'm walking this walk and every step of the way I will think of how he never complained and hope I can be as brave as him and make him proud.

Elizabeth Lloyd