Over the Christmas period one of the members of our Coxhoe United family was unfortunately diagnosed with Leukaemia. As a club we have decided to try and raise as much money as possible for an amazing cause. We will have various events and activities over the coming weeks and months for all of our children, parents, coaches and the wider community to get involved with. Hopefully with your help we can make a big difference to so many peoples lives who have been affected by Leukaemia.
All of the players in our club have been set 12 football and fitness challenges to have a go at over the next few weeks. Each time one of our players attempts a challenge the club will make a £1 donation to Leukaemia UK. We have over 100 players in our club each with 12 challenges to complete, so we are hoping to raise a huge amount of money for an amazing cause, while also keeping all of our young players fit and healthy during lockdown.
We would also appreciate any donations that people in the wider community could make to help us raise as much money as possible for a fantastic charity. Coxhoe United