Cindy Lucas – our beloved wife, mum, sister, aunt and friend – passed away on Friday 5 April at the age of 57. She had battled leukaemia with incredible strength, never wavering from being the beautiful, kind and fun person we all loved despite the unfair and unrelenting situation she faced.

Her treatment intensified when she was admitted into King's College hospital in February, when she first came into contact with Leukaemia UK. The work that the charity does to make life that little bit better – not only for those suffering from the illness but their families, too – had a genuine effect on how Cindy lived her last months.

Without Leukaemia UK, we don't know whether we would've had the chance to spend one last Mother's Day with her.

Now, as we approach Cindy's funeral, in lieu of flowers she had asked for charitable donations to Leukaemia UK, who enabled King's College to provide her with treatment, support and comfort during her battle.

Thank you. Tony, Charlotte & Jim Lucas