Leukaemia is something which has affected us both massively recently and we'd like to raise money to help beat this terrible cancer and increase the survival rates in adults. At present the outlook for adults diagnosed with leukaemia is not great.

Leukaemia is the most common form of cancer in children and thanks to the research of organisations like Leukaemia UK, 90% of the children diagnosed with the most common form survive.
However 94% of people diagnosed with leukaemia are adults and for those the prognosis is not so great - in some cases as low as 15% surviving five years after diagnosis.

We are challenging ourselves to stay off the booze for the month of November and with your support raise some money for the battle against and awareness of Leukaemia.

Maybe you could give the cost of a night out, or a the cost of a round or maybe even just a drink in solidarity. Your donation will help Leukaemia UK fund research and give emotional support to those suffering as well as their families.

Thank you. It means a great deal.

Brian & Helen Edwards