Many of you may already know a member of our team (and very good friend of mine), Artur Spaller, was recently diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Leukaemia is a blood cancer caused by a rise in the number of white blood cells in your body. Those white blood cells crowd out the red blood cells and platelets that your body needs to be healthy. (The extra white blood cells don’t work right.)

Those of you that know Artur will also know he is an incredibly positive, hard working and kind person that is always a pleasure to be around and happy to help anyone with anything. He is currently going through his first course of chemo at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and is showing incredibly positive results. His White Blood cell count is going up which means the chemo is working and if the progress continues, he will be released for a few weeks until he is due back for the second (final) coarse of chemo.

One message I feel is worth taking from this situation is to think about how important it is to try and stay as healthy & active as much as possible as you really just don’t know how sudden an illness or disease can come into your life.

Artur & I were actually due to complete our first Tough Mudder together this Saturday 17th July, I am still going to complete the 5k coarse solo while trying to raise money for the charity, Leukaemia UK.

I have never done anything like this before (sponsorship request), but if you would like to sponsor me for this cause and to support Artur it would be appreciated so, so much. 😊

If you would like to donate, please do so on this fundraising page. Any size donation makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Please do not feel you have to donate at all as we all have different circumstances going on, but if I could ask you to spare at least £1 to this cause we will be making a difference in fighting a cancer that effects 28 new people every day in the UK alone.

Sam Marmion