In Nov 2017 Andrew was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). After initially going into remission, he sadly relapsed 2 weeks into his maintenance phase. Unfortunately he stopped responding to treatment and was given a few months to live. He passed away 21st March 2019.

Andrew wanted the treatment to work so he could go on living and spending time with his family. He hoped for a cure. Knowing his time was coming to an end he wanted any money raised in his memory to go to Leukaemia UK so that one day a cure can be found, for anyone who unfortunately find themselves with a leukaemia diagnosis.

Thank you for helping to fundraise for this important cause. For him. For others.

Please feel free to visit his memorialised Facebook page via this link to share any stories of Andrew or share your own fundraisers in his memory.

Thank you,


Emma Fairweather