Where do I begin, Azaylia don’t know me but the whole of the world know know of Azaylia.

Azaylia has touch millions of people heart this beautiful young lion has became a hero of mine, She has taught me how precious life is and it’s not all about working and making money,
It’s about time with love ones.

She has been though so much, beating the odds thrown at her, she has put up a true inspirational fight.
This challenge is nothing compared to what Azaylia has had to go through.

I really have to salute Ashley and Safiyya they have been so strong as a couple to show Azaylia as much love as they can and I really admire the job they have done.

I haven’t got tons of money to donate so I would like to put my body through the gruesome 3 peak challenge in 14 hours (not including travelling) this will be attempted around August date not confirmed yet. I just want to show my support and In hope I raise money to help family's who have to go through what she has had to go through.

I really wish she had more time to blossom into the diamond she is.


Araya Holgate