Three weeks ago our little brother Arthur Treversh’s amazing girlfriend, Santeena, was diagnosed with Acute leukaemia (AML). At only 22 years old, Santeena’s courage and strength has been incredible and she’s a huge inspiration to us all (check out her Instagram page for post chemo dance routines!!). Santeena moved into University College Hospital on Saturday to begin her treatment, so this is just the beginning of her fight to kick the big c's butt.

In light of this, my sisters and I are doing a 5/10k run in December for leukaemia UK, whose mission is to help improve the treatment and care of blood cancer patients. Any donations you can make big or small to our chosen charity for Santeena will truly mean the world to us and will make a huge difference in so many people's lives who have or have previously been affected by leukaemia. Steph Treversh