On 19th of December 2020 I've lost my Dad to acute leukaemia.

I've always had this generic image of a cancer, mostly formed by Western movies, where the person already knows what they're sick with for a while, receives a corresponding treatment (or, sometimes, makes a decision to refuse one), and there is always either some tiny hope or, at least, enough time to get things in order and say good-bye.

Not this time. Turns out (we've learnt this the hard way), acute leukaemia can show symptoms of a cold or a flu, which, given the winter season, seemed fairly natural... and then, in just a couple of weeks, it might all be over, before the diagnosis is even confirmed or anyone has a chance to realise what's actually going on.

I won't go on here describing what a wonderful, smart, joyous person my Dad was - if you know me personally, chances are you already know all of that, and if you don't, then it won't tell you much. And I won't be saying that our relationship has always been smooth - every family relationship has its ups and downs. But he taught and inspired me in so many ways that I'll never forget.

So, when I've learnt about and decided to take on the 100km walk challenge from London to Brighton, it felt only right to do it for a charity that invests into research and treatments of leukaemia and other blood cancers, so that maybe, someday, someone else in another family would have a better fighting chance against this terrible illness than the one we got.

Thank you for joining me and supporting them too. Ingvar Stepanyan