(*the origami kind, not the big industrial machine)

There’s a Japanese legend that promises anyone who folds 1000 cranes a wish.
It’s also said to bring a lifetime of happiness and eternal good luck (Lovely right? Who wouldn’t want that?)
People usually take the challenge up over 6 months, it’s meditative, and the final look is quite pretty (in my opinion)

But the honest reason for starting this was I felt like I needed a little project...

My partner is in the Navy, and he’ll be away for 6 months for the start of next year (and probably deployed again for the remaining 6!)
I thought this would be a perfect time killer, I wasn’t sure what I would do with 1000 cranes when I was done but I had a few ideas...*
(*if you see a little Peugeot 208 flying down the motorway with rainbow crane streamers -yea that's me, I hope it brings you joy 🌈😂)

The inspiration came from a Podcast I was listening to #stuffyoushouldknow (if you’re looking to listen to something a little different -I highly recommend! 👌)
The podcast mentions the story of Sadako who has inspired me to want to try and raise a little money for a Leukemia charity (£1 a Crane!) -

So you’re probably thinking... who is Sadako?
Sadako made 664 cranes before she died of leukemia when she was 12.
This little girl was 2 when Hiroshima was dropped, she was diagnosed with leukemia at 12 due to the radiation poisoning she suffered from the bomb.
I don’t know what her wish was, but I bet all she wanted when she got to 1000 cranes was to live a healthy happy life.
So as I’m folding these cranes with my perfectly fine and healthy (all be it a bit stubby) hands, every now and then I keep thinking about her & how tired and sore and in pain she must have been.
When Sadako died her friends and family came together & made the remaining 336 cranes in her memory and she was buried with them (people can be amazing right?)

I just want to say thank you (and thank you again!) to everyone who’s read this absolute Behemoth of a post ❤️
If you can spare a £1, I would be so grateful & as would the amazing charity this money will be going to.

Thank You!

Shelby Jones