For many the festive season is a time for sharing and giving, so if you are looking for an opportunity to raise funds for Leukaemia UK you can do this by making the most of this December.  

Whether you are at work, school or just fancy doing something fun with your friends, why not consider the festive fundraising ideas below. 

Christmas Jumper day

This is perfect for anyone and everyone, get involved by simply wearing your Christmas jumper and donating £2 each to Leukaemia UK. You can organise this at your workplace, at a school or even a Christmas party by simply allocating a day and you can even have a prize for the best Christmas Jumper! We can send you supporting materials (posters and collection boxes) to ensure this is a success.

Christmas Bake Challenge

Organise a Christmas Bake challenge. Whether at home or  at work, get your colleagues and friends to bake cookies, mince pies or cakes and help raise funds for our cause. Who can bake the most delicious mince pies? Or the most colourful cookies? Our fundraising pack will help make you event a success!

12 days of Christmas countdown

Who doesn’t love counting down the days to Christmas? This year, share in the fun with everyone at work by taking it in turns to make the tea/coffee for the team. For every cup of tea/coffee made a donation is made into a collection box by the recipient. Just before Christmas, this is all added up and you can donate the final amount on our website.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is always an office winner. This year, instead of spending your usual limit on Secret Santa presents, why not ask your colleagues to set the limit (whatever that may be) and donate £1 of this limit to Leukaemia UK. 

Bring your own lunch/not buy coffee for a day

If you enjoy shop bought coffee or take away lunchtime sandwiches, why not give these up for one day (and ask your colleagues to do the same) and donate the equivalent to Leukaemia UK. Also, you can bring your home prepared lunch and donate the difference saved by not buying a take away sandwich lunch.


To support you with the ideas above, we can send you fundraising materials to help make your initiative a success so please do contact us on [email protected] should you wish to receive these.

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact should 
you have any questions or queries about these Christmas initiatives or fundraising events.

Thank you for considering to support our cause!