We believe that clinicians and healthcare professionals can learn a lot from others in their field.  Sharing learning can accelerate or add focus to research and build important networks from across the international community.  Over the years a large number of individual clinicians have benefited from our Fellowship funds.  We are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to anyone currently benefiting from Leukaemia UK research funding.  

Recent beneficiaries have been:

Dr Clare Jacobson

Dr Jacobson was the first specialist Teenage and Young Adult clinical psychologist at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in London.  She achieved significant results with her patients, through one to one consultations as well as group clinics.  She chairs a national network of clinical psychologists in Teenage and Young Adult cancer.  In December 2015 she attended the International Adolescent and young Adult Cancer conference in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Jacobson said: "Funding from Leukaemia UK allowed me to travel to Australia to present both national and local research at a conference.  This was a really significant step in the journey of our TYA (teenage and young adult) service at Guy's as I was able to brainstorm ideas for innovations in psychological treatment, prevention, research and service development with leading figures from around the world.  This has directly impacted on research I am carrying out now into complex post-traumatic stress in TYA patients and it has also informed our ongoing development of UK guidelines."

This poster was presented by Dr Jacobson to the conference: EFFECTIVE_SCREENING_FOR_PSYCHOLOGICAL_NEED.pdf

Philip Alexander 

Phil is a dedicated haemato-oncology counsellor and psychotherapist at King's College Hospital in London.  His post, funded by Leukaemia UK more than 10 years ago, was the first specialist counsellor role in Britain.  Now all hospitals have specialist counsellors.  Phil does fantastic work with the patients at King's and recently published this paper, which we encouraged him to present at the Conference of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation in March 2017Abstract_for_EBMT_Conference.pdf

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