We believe that clinicians working in a hospital setting, specialising in haematology and working in the UK, play a huge and vital role in the development and delivery of high-quality patient care for those affected by blood cancer.  

We want to support outstanding individuals working in a haematology specialism, including nurses, counsellors and allied health professionals such as dieticians and physiotherapists, to realise their potential and drive best practice and new care models.  

For this reason, we are now able to offer up to 10 (in 2019) conference fellowships to allow recipients to present at conferences, to share their research or innovative practice developments. 

Each Fellowship award is likely to be for up to £1,000, depending on the location of the conference. 

Please note these fellowships are not open to haematology consultants, GPs or junior doctors. 

Applications are welcome at any time. You can read our application guidelines here, and complete application forms should be sent to [email protected].  

If you have any questions about this programme please contact us on [email protected] or 020 7922 7982.