Every person experiences their blood cancer differently. But everyone can benefit from holistic care - receiving support through the physical challenges of blood cancer but also help dealing with its emotional impact. 

We often hear from those affected by blood cancers that fear, loneliness, loss of control are all big challenges. And nobody should have to deal with them alone. We want to provide appropriate emotional and wellbeing support for everyone who is affected by blood cancer.

In January 2018 we launched a revolution in blood cancer care: our Mind & Body team

Based at King's College Hospital in London, this expert team is lead by a psychiatrist and psychology team, working together to research patient needs, provide appropriate care and measure the difference made to those patients and their families.  

It is the first dedicated haematology team of its type in the UK, and we want to make sure it is funded in the long-term, becoming a recognised part of whole-person care for haematology in hospitals across the UK.

Help us make a difference to people like Jessica affected by blood cancer by making a donation to Leukaemia UK today. Thank you for your support.

The Mind & Body team video was kindly produced by Frontera London