This Christmas Leukaemia UK is asking for your help in giving people affected by blood cancer an extra special helping hand.

A blood cancer diagnosis changes everything. Not only do people have to deal with difficult treatments and fears about their future, but often they face financial hardship as a direct result of their condition – something that we cannot ignore.

Leukaemia UK’s Helping Hand Fund plays a vital role in easing those unexpected money worries. By providing a one-off emergency grant of up to £500 we can offer help quickly in dealing with financial demands, allowing people with blood cancer to focus on the important things, like getting better.

Yasmin was having treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma when she heard about the fund. She said:

I hadn't been at my job very long and only received half pay. I was very grateful to be given £300 from Leukaemia UK's Helping Hand Fund which meant I was able to pay for taxis to and from my hospital appointments which made a big difference.

This Christmas, donate to our Helping Hand Fund so that we can reach even more people in need.

Our emergency grants have been used for many small things which make a big difference to the peace of mind and wellbeing of people affected by blood cancer and their families.

The money has paid for taxis to hospital, it has covered essential energy bills or bought a life-improving piece of equipment. A proud father once used a grant to pay for a taxi to get him and his wheelchair to his daughter’s wedding because he was determined that blood cancer would not stop him walking her down the aisle.

£20 Can help buy essential food items for a family whose main earner is affected by blood cancer.
£50 Can buy new smart clothes for someone in remission from blood cancer to get back to work.
£100 Would pay for new nursery furniture following a baby's leukaemia treatment.
£200 Will cover energy bills for someone undergoing treatment for blood cancer and having no other financial means of support.

Thank for you for your support.
Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we will listen to every request for help.

Donate today to Leukaemia UK’s Helping Hand Fund and make a difference to the life of someone affected by blood cancer this Christmas.